Cross-country skiing: tips for getting started

The first snow has arrived and some tracks have already been beaten, so you start breathing cross-country skiing. The pleasure of fatigue mixes with technical skill and speed. With the introduction of our collaborator Marco Zodo, the first tips to start with cross-country skiing.

"Cross-country skiing is a sport suitable for all people, practicable from the first time without major difficulties. Better to start with those who already practice it, so as to immediately appreciate its beauty.

The first peculiarity that you notice is the possibility to ski in the middle of nature with rhythms and noises that allow you to admire wild animals up close that otherwise you would not have the opportunity to meet.

Cross-country skiing is divided into two styles, the alternating or classic step (the one that takes place inside tracks beaten by a snowmobile) and the skated step (on a free track, beaten but without tracks).

Essentially, for those approaching cross-country skiing for the first time, the classic step is recommended, simpler to practice for beginners and of certain immediate satisfaction.

The skated pace, on the other hand, requires the ability to balance on the skis in motion, not typical of the beginner.

The two styles also differ in the equipment used.

The classic provides longer skis than skated. For both, the ski length is calculated based on the height of the person using it.

The classic shoe is lower and softer than that of skating, to allow the movement and inclination of the ankle, while that of the skating must be rigid, to allow a strong and decisive push on the ski.

The sticks of the classical style must reach the height of the armpit, while those of the skating style must reach the height of the nose.

Even when practicing cross-country skiing, it is necessary to follow some basic rules of behavior.

Evaluate your control skills.
Do not be afraid to interfere with traffic at your own speed. Those in front always have precedence. It is the task of those who come from behind leaving the platform, overcome and return to the track.
Do not stand in the middle of the tracks to chat, take pictures … simply approach the edge of the track and do all this without creating an obstacle for those who are skiing.
In the next article we will start to discuss the topic in a more technical way, giving specific suggestions and suggestions. "

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